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Why do we have to be important?

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President George Bush is coming to Denmark tonight. The Danes all have something to say about this…there is live coverage on the media and everyone thinks it’s a very exciting event. Of course, no one likes George Bush, they are all just very excited becaues he’s so important, the most important man in the world, everyone says.

As a citizen of the USA in Denmark, I often have to take criticism about my countries policies. That’s ok. I don’t like the USA’s foreign policies, nor do I like George Bush. I think it’s expected that I don’t like Bush, yet I think Danes expect me, a north American, to be just a little in awe of him, and just a little proud that I am a citizen of the country whose president is the most important man in the world.

Let it be known, Danes and North Americans, that I am not proud of this. I think all this talk about security and democracy and saving the world from terrorism is so boring. If the USA suddenly became unimportant, I would in fact be happier.

I think the USA is an important place, but not because we rule the world. We are a great place because we are a post-colonial country, like the countries in South America. We have an ethnic mix of Europeans, Africans, Asians and Indians who all live and (sometimes) cooperate together instead of having constant racial and immigrant conflicts, as many European nations do. We are important because we have great music – blues, jazz, rock and roll. We are lively and humourous and relaxed people. Like the countries in Northern Europe, we have a good economy.

I wish the USA could follow the lead of and learn more from the countries in South America. Brazil, for example. We could be like them, just a nice place to visit with a low profile in international politics – great weather, music and mixed people. I think this is the key to the USA’s success. We should begin to look toward our neighbors in south America, see what we have in common with them, what we can learn from them, what we can teach them. Then we could start an “American Union” between North and South America. I would be proud to be part of this kind of a union. I’m sick of being part of a nation who stands alone and tries to rule the world.


Written by nattie

July 5, 2005 at 9:11 pm

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