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not a target market – an angry post

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I’m basically a very cynical and negative person, though I have an outwardly cheery disposition. I hate advertising and TV. Let that be known, lest anyone wants to try to talk me into watching their favorite TV show. I have no time for TV. I do not own a TV. I will probably not unless someone in my household brings one home.

What I hate most about advertising is being interpolated into a target group. There are target groups for almost every “type” – the young college student (alternative music, ipods, apple computers, spring break, SMS messages, makeup), the baby boomer (retirement funds, special editions of mall stores like the Gap, the “Red Hat” society, a general sort of unquestionable “matriachal wisdom”, and gardening), and of course for my “type”, the mommy (soccer, SUVs, diapers, Martha Stewart, perky haircuts, General Mills products, etc). The ads make up all I should want and aspire to be, all I should think. I’m supposed to be responsible, loving, promoting my children’s education and extra activities, shopping for bargains but not ignoring quality, doing yoga and reading “Good Housekeeping”. Maybe I can be sexy now, as the producers of “Desperate Housewives” have ordained. Maybe I can even watch porn. But people expect me to live within these parameters, in my LLBean barn coat, a sensible smile on my Clinique lips. Whenever I talk it’s supposed to be some ironic wisdom about diapering or a “concern” about something. Soccer moms always have “concerns” about child-related things.
Who cares who I really am? Watch enough TV and you’ll find out without talking to me.

If anyone is interested, I would like to discuss conceptual art, early video art, the beauty of the new jersey turnpike, post-structuralism, 70’s progressive rock or marxism…I would like to talk to someone who can explain Foucault or Lacan or Fredric Jameson, or just someone who understands why Roxy Music was so great before 1980. I would like to meet someone who enjoys something more than shopping. See you.


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October 26, 2005 at 3:25 pm

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places and moods

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Here is a list of places I’ve been thinking about recently. These are places I’ve been and remember, or places I really want to go someday:

1) East Berlin or Moscow or anywhere in Russia. I’d love to visit one of these places. I’ve been on a campaign to go to Berlin recently, and Russia is my long-term goal. I am curious about a formerly communist place. Something about communism fascinates me, and not in a negative way. I don’t care if it didn’t work.
Something about people taking the theories of a group of intellectuals (Marx, etc) and trying to set up a society around them really impresses me. All that organizing and planning, all those manifestos and architectural projects and parades and stuff.

2) The Acropolis and the Hermes Hotel in Athens. I was in Greece when I was 9 and our family stayed in the Hotel Hermes in Athens. It felt very elegant to me at the time. It was a modern style facade with lots of glass. In particular I remember the lobby, with a very high ceiling and walls (possibly brick) going up the entire height of the building. They had a big painting or metal decorative map installed on one of the walls, and I thought it was so beautiful. I will always remember the feeling of that hotel lobby – modern and elegant in a European way. I loved the Acropolis too. It was grand and awe-inspiring that it had been the seat of western culture.

3) The UCLA art library – I did my BA in art history at UCLA. For a while I worked at the UCLA art library. I’ll always remember this beautiful light filled modern space with countless rare art books.

4) The library from “Wings of Desire”. One scene from “Wings of Desire” (my favorite film) takes place in a modern library in Berlin. I would love to visit that library as it looks very still and modern and elegant.

5) Unite d’Habitation – Can you tell I’m a modern architecture freak? I am. Well, I really just love good architecture of any style. Unite d’Habitation, designed by Bauhaus genius LeCorbusier, is what I consider good architecture. It’s a huge modern concrete high-rise in the south of France. Yet, the concrete is well formed and looks almost like sculpture. I’ve seen many pictures of the beautiful exterior. I’m curious about the interior. Having lived in a modern concrete building in Denmark, I believe that concrete walls do best with sculpture, pottery and weavings. Paintings don’t look so good on concrete as it is too rough.

6) Chicago. Chicago is a gothic city with it’s many stone buildings and gargoyles. Some of the earliest skyscrapers are in Chicago, the ones designed by Louis Sullivan. Then there are the stone and brick walk ups. Then there are the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Oak Park and the Robie House. So much beautiful architecture in Chicago. Its all very solid because of the extreme weather. I love Chicago in a snowstorm. The buildings look so solemn and quiet and stoic against the driving wind and snow. They just stand there – year after year.

Those are some of my favorite places. I’ll think of more later, maybe.

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October 23, 2005 at 3:24 am

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