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not a target market – an angry post

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I’m basically a very cynical and negative person, though I have an outwardly cheery disposition. I hate advertising and TV. Let that be known, lest anyone wants to try to talk me into watching their favorite TV show. I have no time for TV. I do not own a TV. I will probably not unless someone in my household brings one home.

What I hate most about advertising is being interpolated into a target group. There are target groups for almost every “type” – the young college student (alternative music, ipods, apple computers, spring break, SMS messages, makeup), the baby boomer (retirement funds, special editions of mall stores like the Gap, the “Red Hat” society, a general sort of unquestionable “matriachal wisdom”, and gardening), and of course for my “type”, the mommy (soccer, SUVs, diapers, Martha Stewart, perky haircuts, General Mills products, etc). The ads make up all I should want and aspire to be, all I should think. I’m supposed to be responsible, loving, promoting my children’s education and extra activities, shopping for bargains but not ignoring quality, doing yoga and reading “Good Housekeeping”. Maybe I can be sexy now, as the producers of “Desperate Housewives” have ordained. Maybe I can even watch porn. But people expect me to live within these parameters, in my LLBean barn coat, a sensible smile on my Clinique lips. Whenever I talk it’s supposed to be some ironic wisdom about diapering or a “concern” about something. Soccer moms always have “concerns” about child-related things.
Who cares who I really am? Watch enough TV and you’ll find out without talking to me.

If anyone is interested, I would like to discuss conceptual art, early video art, the beauty of the new jersey turnpike, post-structuralism, 70’s progressive rock or marxism…I would like to talk to someone who can explain Foucault or Lacan or Fredric Jameson, or just someone who understands why Roxy Music was so great before 1980. I would like to meet someone who enjoys something more than shopping. See you.


Written by nattie

October 26, 2005 at 3:25 pm

Posted in editorial

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