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Here are some of my favorite songs. I’ll explain why later:

Scott Walker – “Sleepwalkers Woman” from “Climate of Hunter” LP. This song is like the wind. That is how I would characterize it. Strong and elusive and it makes you feel as if you’re transcending the world. Prog rock? I don’t know. But I like it a lot better than “Larks Tongues in Aspic” by King Crimson, which to me just sounded like them experimenting with different instruments. Scott Walker was an American who got lost in Europe and subsequently lost all of his American-ness. I think that makes him more European than most Europeans, but probably more American too in an ironic way.

Japan – Nightporter – geez I love this song. It just suits my whole Euro-melancholy, Marxist pseudo-intellectual zeitgeist (notice I use the work zeitgeist instead of “vibe” here). This song just evokes sad cafes along rivers in Paris, candles, angst, cabarets and walks down broad boulevards on rainy days in long coats. And David Sylvian’s voice is just so rich and sad….but not gothic, definitely not skulls and vampires and Tim Burton. The song has an adult sound too. It’s poetic and rich with imagery, but not harsh or relentless or gimmicky. Ugh. Descriptions of songs never sound as good as the music itself.

Bowie – Station to Station – this song, along with “Wild is the Wind” from his wonderful Station to Station LP, is for being whisked around in the ultra modern, progressive subways of East Berlin or Moscow during the 70’s when these places thought they would technologically progress beyond America because they believed in the idealogies under which they were created. Maybe they didn’t progress technologically, but their technological and cultural achievements are certainly more evocative than those of the Western world.

Roxy Music – Song for Europe, Mother of Pearl – “Here as I sit in this lonely cafe”….a nother melancholy cabaret song. This one just pulls chords in my heart, as does everything by Roxy Music.

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights – Leave it to Kate, the eternal romantic, to write a song based on Heathcliff and Katherine in Bronte’s great gothic romance, Wuthering Heights. And while many female pop singers sing only about their own loves, Kate tells the story of a great literary love affair. That’s what sets her apart.


Written by nattie

November 16, 2005 at 3:26 am

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