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A Random Post

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Today I will just write a post with no theme. I don’t know why you always need an agenda when you write, so I will write about anything. I have no idea why my 11 year old daughter is picky about lunch snacks. She never likes the chips I buy, whether it’s corn chips, corn chips with a “hint of lime”, potato chips, cheezits, or even pretzels. She just does not want them. And then she complains that I do not pack her a “crunchy snack”. WEll I’M TRYING. So today I popped some microwave popcorn and just gave her some of it. I think she was happy.

A post about nothing should also have a picture, so here is one. This seems like as good a picture as any. Disney girl with Alligator from Haunted Mansion. I may replace it with a picture of something else at any time.

And something I am really angry about. Why do old people have to share a blood supply wtth young people? I mean, old people need to just GET OVER THEMSELVES. Like your time comes, and then your number’s up. Is it really necessary to try to live to 100 or longer and especially by taking some younger person’s blood? Just go out and leave the earth to some younger people without making it totally crowded with your old-ass selves. I guess this upsets me because I live in NJ and it’s the most populated state in the nation, so crowds are part of my daily experience.

I’m going to California tomorrow. I have a lot of plans to see family, like every day. Hopefully we will try some good Mexican food too. Among other things we are going to Disneyland, well that is, if the Haunted Mansion is open. A friend told me that Disney is getting rid of all images of alligators in their theme parks, which means that they are changing (sob) that great picture of the girl with the pink parasol in the haunted mansion, on a tightrope with an alligator at her feet. I can’t believe they are doing this. Seriously, grow some balls Disney. It’s sad that little boy got eaten by an alligator. It really is tragic, but that is totally superstitious and lame. On the other hand I can sort of understand it. I would probably do the same thing in my home if I had a pet alligator and it ate a kid.

Sothis is the end of my post about nothing, which has actually been about several things.


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July 8, 2016 at 5:25 am

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