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People always say Hillary Clinton has no personality. After watching last night’s debate, I can see where those rumours come from. Donald Trump was interrupting her and even yelling at her at one point. She had to use all her resources to maintain dignity and composure. Who can have a “personality” while they are being yelled at? He might have a personality, but it’s the personality and charisma of a crazy man.

But she got her message across, even with him yelling in her face.

Even if Hillary didn’t have to stand vigil against his craziness, I don’t understand why we are so obsessed with personality in politics. We elect people like Jesse Ventura or Arnold Schwarzenegger (wow did I spell that right? I DID!) and then they screw up the budget because they are basically ego-crazed showmen and not heads-down workers who knows the rules and listen to constituents. It’s like we just want to be entertained by someone who is diverting on TV. We don’t want to consider how they approach issues, because issues require paying attention and that is boring.

And how did Donald Trump address issues? My biggest issue is the environment, and global warming. My mom told me it was 103 degrees in California today. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that is too hot for late September. Growing up in California I remember the temperatures were in the low 70s this time of year. It’s pumpkin time! How depressing to think of a bunch of kids trying to trick or treat in 103 degree weather, walking around sweating in their costumes.

But Trump does not think global warming is real. At the debate he only laughed about climate change. In the first part of it he made a lot of noise about bringing jobs that have gone to China and Mexico back to America. I don’t know about the rest of America but I don’t want those jobs. They are polluting, dirty industry. In China they can’t even see 20 feet in front of them because of dirty air. Their lakes and streams are all polluted. And in Mexico rivers run green and kids get rashes after going in the water. That kind of pollution is the result of tax breaks to companies so they can expand unregulated and wreck the environment, digging up trees and dumping in rivers, creating a horrible reality for poor neighbors and workers. Those are the kind of jobs Trump is talking about and I don’t want them back.

Hillary did have a vision for growth, and although it was hard to pick up over Trumps repeated rude interrupting, it did come through. She wanted to boost small businesses, and provide tax incentives  for middle class people who are trying to start businesses, and tax the rich who have been getting away with way too much for a long time. And she wanted to create sustainable jobs in alternative energy. That sounds perfect. Collecting tax money from those who should be paying it and building the economy in a slow, sustainable way, protecting trees and the seasons instead of God knows what Trump would do in his short-sighted, backwards vision of Mexican style maquiladoras and tax cuts.


Factory in Yutian, China

I love Hillary’s idea of a sustainable economy – America moving toward the future, paving the way for China and Mexico to create green economies one day too. It is a vision and in a way it reminds me of the leadership of California Governor Jerry Brown, another “boring” politician who is a serious, behind-the-scenes hard worker, who got California out of debt following Schwarzenegger and takes the environment seriously.  Sometimes it’s the boring politicians, who know the rules and just put their heads down and work, who are best to have in office. In fact I’d say that’s true every time.

So Trump went on in the debate with some silly answers and some ridiculous back-pedalling about the Obama birther claims and his refusal to release his tax returns, and terrorism, and lying about how he didn’t support the war in Iraq, all important stuff too, but not as important as climate change (to me). But the most important and scary part was his promise to cut taxes for the rich and bring dirty polluting industry back to America. That is just what we don’t need. We have to move forward.


So I hope Hillary will win. I think she did beautifully at the debate in her quiet, somewhat stiff way. And a little stiffness never hurt anybody. She knows the rules, has a long-term vision, and makes good decisions, and that is more important than entertaining us on TV, although I think she will be able to do that once she is free of her abusive opponent.






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September 27, 2016 at 8:47 am

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